Proprietary Blend of Organic acids & inorganic acid (lactic Acid, Citric acid, tartaric acid, Malic acid).


Acidifying the water will help maintain a proper pH balance in the crop, and this explain why bird’s droppings become more firm and there is little to no feed passages.

ACIDEX-W will keep undesirable bacteria, mold and yeast away from the water.

ACIDEX-W   will reduce pH of water at proper dosage.

ACIDEX-W   also keeps pipe line clean & clear.

ACIDEX-W    Improves performance and productivity.


    • Water having PH 7 add 1gm per 10 lit of water.
    • Water having PH 7.5 add 2gm per 10 lit of water.
    • Water having PH 8.0 add 4gm per 10 lit of water.
    • For acidification of gut flora add 1 gm per liter of water.
    • Dosage in feed as acidifier 1 kg per ton of feed.